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Junior Rifle Program: For members 17 years old and under

  • 23 Jun 2022
  • 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM
  • Indoor Range
  • 5


  • Please register to reserve a spot for a junior member for the Junior Rifle Program Session. For clarity, please reserve in Junior member's name.
    If sharing a single spot between two juniors in the same family - please reserve for one and contact If two spots are needed - reserve two spots.

Registration is closed

Junior Rifle Program - for junior members 17 and under (or with special permission from the organizer - contact

Current operational plans are as follows:  
a) According to demand - sessions would be held every Thursday evening (holidays potentially excluded) from 6:00-7:00 pm. Sessions will be posted online in advance once at least two range officers (ROs) have committed to attend. Please check the calendar for upcoming sessions.  A session will not be held unless at least two ROs are present, however we endeavor to post sessions at least one week ahead of time.   

b) A limited number of spots (min. 6) would be available by online reservation for LRGC junior members only (parents are not eligible to shoot in this session). Allowable minimum age to shoot would be 6  years of age, but allowance would be at the full discretion of the range officer upon assessment of your child's capabilities to ensure range safety. 

Sharing a spot on the line will enable more juniors to attend, so if you have two juniors in your family willing to share a single spot on the firing line - reserve one spot and contact with the second junior's name.  Be sure to include the session date. 

c) The club would provide suitable target rifles and a limited quantity of ammo (not to exceed 50 rounds each) to shoot free of charge to junior members. These could be .22 cal rifles or .177 cal air rifles.  Note: Personal rifles and ammo will not be allowed in these sessions without special/prior approval of the organizer. 

d) All persons inside the range will be required to supply their own safety glasses and ear protection as sharing will not be permitted.

The club will sell suitable eye and ear protection at cost for those that would like to purchase from the LRGC. Go to the calendar day of the Junior Program session, find the event for purchase of either ear or eye protection (for $4 each), and follow the instructions to purchase. Be sure to bring your receipt(s) with you to receive your items! 

e) At least one parent (or guardian) of juniors 12 years and younger must remain in the range while their child is present.  Juniors and parents will not be asked to show vaccine cards. 

f) No distractions will be allowed on the firing line (i.e. no food or drink, no active cell phones, no parents having little to no shooting experience - alternatively, ask the RO to assist instead.)

The range officer on duty will have ultimate decision-making power to allow or disallow shooters/people within the range in order to maintain a safe shooting environment.  Parents and juniors must obey all commands given by the range officer, or leave the range. 

For questions - contact

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