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Updated RCMP Fact Sheet for Target Shooters

30 Aug 2012 9:07 AM | Anonymous
From Caperaway on Gunnutz

I noticed the RCMP updated their fact sheet for target shooters to say that "A copy of the valid shooting club membership must be provided as well." in order to obtain an ATT.
I guess day passes are no good anymore.

Some other interesting quotes:

"For the purposes of the issuance of a long-term ATT for target practice, CFO’s generally require that the ATT applicant has a “full” club membership (i.e., has met the terms and conditions of the probationary membership and has been issued a subsequent “full” club or range membership)."

"Further, the CFO has the authority under subsection 15(1) of the Shooting Clubs and Shooting Ranges Regulations to request written confirmation from a shooting club or range of “…the participation, if any, of a current or past member…of the shooting club…in target practice or target shooting competitions within the previous five years… .”
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