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Previous News: C71, Election plan and what to do if LIberals Ban Firearms by OIC

09 Oct 2019 10:38 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)
Previous News:

The Liberals are still threatening to
take away our legally-obtained firearms! 
(to gain votes and do nothing for safety): 

See story: Liberal Election Plan

Canada does NOT have a Gun Control problem: says National Post 
Banning firearms from legal gun owners
WON'T solve the gang problems!  
(says Toronto Police chief)
See story: National Post Article

Bill C-71 Receives Royal Assent 
Read here how it will affect shooters! 
Link: Bill C-71 now law!

As promised - PM Trudeau, Mr. Blair and the Liberal party are out to get your firearms.  They promise to confiscate if they win the next election and are counting on you to do nothing to stop them. Do your part to make Trudeau a substitute drama teacher again! Support the Conservatives who have promised to repeal Bill C-71 and return shooter's rights! 

New! More info Link: Liberals Promise to take your firearms

What to do if Liberals use OIC to Ban Firearms: 

Download this information:
What to do WRT to OIC Ban.pdf

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