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If you are listed in our system as a Family Membership, you are designated as the Administrator (Bundle Administrator) for your family's records. As such you are responsible to ensure that your bundle data is up to date and you are responsible to add the data for members of your family. This is required so each person in your family can get a membership card.

The example below is a description of the profile update procedure that you must follow to include the names and other data required to add your Family members to your Family bundle.

What is a bundle?

A membership bundle is a collection of members who are linked together and managed by one of their members – the bundle administrator (YOU). Bundle members share the same renewal date, status, and membership level. The entire bundle is charged a single membership fee.

Adding members by the bundle administrator

After the invoice for the bundle membership fee is paid and the application is approved (if required), the bundle administrator can view and manage bundle members from within the bundle administrator's profile. Login to your account and to add a member to the bundle, the bundle administrator clicks the Add member button.

Adding a member to a bundle

The bundle administrator completes the membership application form on behalf of the members then clicks Save. The new bundle member's record now appears. To return to their own profile, the bundle administrator clicks the Return to bundle list and your own profile link.

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