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A brief discussion of current Firearms related issues!
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  • 22 Nov 2022 9:38 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    From Liberal Election website: 

    Attention LRGC Members: New Liberal Election Platform

    From Liberal Election website:

    A re-elected Liberal government will:

    • Toughen our laws on banned assault weapons by making it mandatory for owners to either sell the firearm back to the government for destruction and fair compensation or have it rendered fully and permanently inoperable at government expense.
    • Crack down on high-capacity magazines and require that long gun magazines capable of holding more than 5 rounds be permanently altered so that they can never hold more than 5 rounds
    • Ban the sale or transfer of magazines that could hold more than a legal number of bullets, regardless of how they were intended to be used by the manufacturer.
    • Set aside a minimum of $1 billion to support provinces or territories who implement a ban on handguns across their jurisdiction, to keep our cities and communities safe.

    We would also continue to combat gender-based violence and fight gun smuggling with measures we have introduced such as:

    • Lifetime background checks to prevent those with a history of abuse against their spouse or partner from obtaining a firearms license.
    • "Red flag” laws that would allow immediate removal of firearms if that person is a threat to themselves or others, particularly to their spouse or partner.
    • Increased maximum penalties for firearms trafficking and smuggling from 10 to 14 years imprisonment.
    • Enhancing the capacity of the RCMP and the Canada Border Services Agency to combat the illegal importation of firearms.
    Wrt how this will affect ONLY Canadians who participate in the shooting sports (as of course - criminals do not care or obey laws) -  please see the following videos: 

    Calibre Magazine:

    Runkle of the Bailey:

  • 22 Nov 2022 9:34 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Firearm News - New Information - Updated May 4 2022:

    Portions of Bill C-71 are now in force
    What you need to know | Royal Canadian Mounted Police

    Bill C-71 Restrictions Start This Month on Buying/Selling ‘Non-Restricted’ Guns

    SourceCanada Gun News: Week of 2022 May 02

    05 May 2022 — The Canadian government will start enforcing new restrictions on government-licensed gun owners this month, as the governing Liberal Party continues its political and regulatory attacks against hunters, sport shooters and firearm collectors. 


    • The regulations stem from Bill C-71, a law the Liberals passed in 2019.
    • The measures take effect on May 18, according to an Orders in Council dated 29 April and published online today.
    • They apply only to government-licensed firearm users and businesses.
    • The restrictions include:
      1. “Non-Restricted” Firearm Transfers: It will be a crime for any licensed gun owner to buy, sell or give away any “Non-Restricted” rifle or shotgun without explicit permission for the transfer from the Registrar of Firearms in the Royal Canadian Mounted Police - Canadian Firearms Program.
        • It will require contacting the RCMP to request a reference number for the transaction.
        • It applies even to all license holders, include a spouse who wants to give a rifle or shotgun to their spouse, or a parent who wants to give a rifle or shotgun to their child.
      2. Gun Store Registry: Gun stores will be required to store the personal details of licensed buyers of “Non-Restricted” rifles and shotguns for 20 years, in a violation of personal privacy.
    • Other restrictions also kick in, but those are the biggies for most PAL holders and businesses (in my opinion).

    FYI - To owners of Restricted and Prohibited Firearms

    ATTs are now required for virtually all firearm transport except for:

    to and from range and home after purchase.

    See link:  RCMP - What you need to know about Bill C71

    See Link: New Information regarding Bill C71

  • 22 Nov 2022 9:31 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Firearm News - Updated March 22 2022


    In the meantime - the government is spending millions trying to get a plan together to do what they illegitimately call a "mandatory buyback", which is now projected to cost multiple BILLIONS of $$$, that would be better spent on policing and border security!!  (This is simply a case of - blame the tool - not the user to grab political gain. The government is using public ignorance and bold-faced lies to "pretend" to solve a criminal/gang problem by going after legal firearm owners in order to acquire votes.)  

    Their problem is that no one educated about the actually gun crime issue (not the police, nor the military, nor gun-shop owners, etc.) wants anything to do with the "confiscation" of these legally-owned firearms since they do not agree with the underlying premise that this tyrannical OIC (which is a total waste of taxpayer $$$)  will have any effect on public safety - i.e. the fact-proven false-narrative that the Liberal government continues to feed to the unknowing public via mainstream-media propaganda ads and ignorant political speeches by Trudeau and the new Public Safety Minister! 

    If you want to support the efforts to stop this solely "politically-motivated" and dictatorial confiscation of personal property, please join the CCFR, CSSA, and/or NFA and give generously to the legal fights directed towards taking away our rights to NOT have our personal property CONFISCATED for political reasons. 

    Please read and watch the videos at the links provided below. This fight is not over and we need all firearm owners to do their part to help save our firearms! 
    Clearly if the government gets these identified hunting and sporting firearms -
    they will be back for all the rest as well! 

    If yours aren't on the list now (they may be already as the RCMP keeps adding firearms without proper oversight - check the list at the link below) they will likely be soon as the Public Safety Minister is again already stating that another OIC is likely to come very soon, identifying even MORE restricted and unrestricted hunting and sporting firearms! 

    Have you been following the CCFR's efforts on your behalf to counter the Liberal and RCMP Initiatives to BAN your legally-acquired firearms? 

    If not, you should be! It is your property - and if they have not gotten to your firearms specifically - it won't be long until they do! They are already banning shotguns, hunting rifles and even simple 22 cal sporting rifles - as the types on the prohibited list which were added after May 1 were numerous (updated continuously with last update in Dec 2021 - see link: This prohibited list continues to grow without oversight of any kind.  There is still also the unresolved question if the government intends on ANY compensation for these firearms as the government is showing little interest in resolving this question before the two year amnesty period is up on April 30 2022)! 

    Any of your firearms could be on the list (see list) - making you an immediate criminal (as the 2 year amnesty promised by the Liberals does not apply to owners of these added firearms) - and you would not necessarily know it as many were unrestricted previously! (A current CSSA legal opinion is that nearly all 12 gauge removable choked firearms are still currently prohibited based on the current legal definition as stated in the OIC!)   

    Information on the RCMP website and statements (mostly lies) by the Public Safety Minister have changed repeatedly without notice - and without discussion or reason, usually to the deficit of the licensed firearm owner. It is difficult to trust that any statements made (written or verbal) will not change or disappear if the Liberals want them to - so confidence is low with respect to our expectation of government fairness wrt our property or person. The RCMP and Minister Blair (and now the new Minister) have been provided with dictatorial powers by Trudeau's Liberals with the goal of removing all firearms from civilians in the long term. This is evidenced by the types of firearms being listed for prohibition - which has continued to increase after May 1st without legitimate criteria other than to virtue signal to obtain the votes of the uneducated public. 

    Note that the Liberals have started initiating the content of Bill C71 (which will affect firearm storage and transport requirements) while they are currently trying to push through C21 and C22 which will harass handgun and air-soft pistol owners (C21) while giving reduced sentences to criminals charged with gun crimes (C22). While these bills were killed by the Oct 2021 election process - expect to see them brought forward again in the future. 

    Check out the excellent videos, podcasts and other educational materials created by the CCFR available at: CCFR YouTube Channel.  You can also obtain updates to the CCFR/Government legal fight on your behalf and other information at this link. 

    Here are the YouTube links to the excellent series "Gun Ban Canada - Exposed" which highlight the details of these Liberal initiatives which were falsely promoted as to "enhance public safety", and expose the lies told by the Liberal government which are being used to justify their irresponsible action on May 1, 2020 and beyond to the uninformed Canadian.  It is OUR/YOUR JOB as a firearm owner to share these videos with these uninformed Canadians to educate them. These videos will reveal to them the fallacy being thrust upon all Canadians by this Liberal government. Please do your part!

    Currently it is planned that the CCFR will create a seven part series, of which six are currently available at the links below:  

    1) Gun Ban Canada - Exposed; Episode 1 - Is It Really About Public Safety?

    2) Gun Ban Canada - Exposed; Episode 2 - Where Do Crime Guns Come From?

    3) Gun Ban Canada - Exposed; Episode 3 - Do More Guns Equal More Death?

    4) Gun Ban Canada - Exposed; Episode 4 - Common Sense Gun Laws

    5) Gun Ban Canada - Exposed; Episode 5 - Why Would Anyone Need a Gun?

    6) Gun Ban Canada - Exposed; Episode 6 - Our System is Broken

    7) Gun Ban Canada - Exposed: Episode 7 - Series Finale

    The CCFR is working hard to support you as a responsible firearm owner whom the Liberal government is demonizing. If you are not currently a member - please join, and also support the legal action by donating NOW!.  Go to the CCFR website to signup or donate: CCFR Website

  • 22 Sep 2021 12:20 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Results: Town Hall Meeting with MP Tako Van Popta

    Via ZOOM on Wednesday Sept 8 - 7:00 PM

    The good attendance was received and appreciated (58 registered) and
    MP Tako Van Popta (a PAL holder himself) reaffirmed the Conservatives
    intention to support firearm owners
    and remove sporting firearms from the
    May 2020 OIC following a proper "non-political" review; deemed a logical step forward when performed by proper firearm community experts. 

    It was highlighted by the participants that such a review
    would be necessary BEFORE the April 30, 2022 OIC amnesty deadline.

    It was also reinforced by the participants, that to support the keeping of our firearms, a vote for any other political party would NOT serve the
    firearm community - and was to be avoided at our peril!

    Tako's Letter:  Letter to Firearms Community.  

  • 01 Sep 2021 12:23 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    A Federal Election has now been called! 

    Do you value your firearms? If so, then:
    1) Polls open NOW! Get out and vote for the only political party that has - both in the past and has now committed in the future in writing - to support firearm owners and repeal the idiocy of recent ineffective government bills (C71, the OIC, etc.) - or they (i.e. every other party) will come for our firearms even more than they are doing now!

    This is also the ONLY political party that has committed to actually DOING
    anything significant to curb gang and criminal violence in Canada, rather than wasting taxpayer money on increased government paperwork and bureaucracy,
    the confiscation of your legal property, and the continuous harassment of sport shooters through government legislation in Canada! 
    (BTW - this clearly fits within the definition of "systemic discrimination/i.e. bigotry" by the Government of Canada towards all sports enthusiasts which utilize a firearm in the course of their legitimate sporting activity!) 

    See attached: Letter to Firearms Community

    See attached: Recovery Plan (See page 44/slide 86 for firearm related info)

    2) Support that political party through monetary donations and
    volunteering of your time to spread the word!
    Do your part - as no one else will!

    3) Speak with your family, friends and neighbours about the clear lack of common sense in the current government bills which only harass firearm owners and do nothing to enhance public safety. 

    4) Support the CCFR, NFA, CSSA and other groups which highlight the government's lack of common-sense and provide logical solutions and arguments to the government about dealing with public safety issues. 
    Remember: Gangs and criminals don't obey laws or rules/paperwork
    related to firearm ownership or proper use - so more of the same bureacratic nonsense WILL NOT enhance public safety. The firearms criminals have are ALREADY ILLEGAL so these new laws are redundant and only affect legal/responsible firearm owners - who are NOT the problem.

    Clearly the Liberal government recognizes these facts but still proceeds
    with these ineffective bills (C71, C21, OIC, etc.) only to virtue-signal to gain votes from uninformed voters and to steal our legal property. This results in the destruction of of our Canadian shootings sports (enjoyed by over 2 million + Canadians) only harasses these legal firearm owners rather than addressing
    the real problem of gangs, criminals and gun smuggling. 

    See below: "Firearm News" especially the one dated "June 21 2021" for important information and videos showing how ridiculous the government has been with respect to firearms in Canada and the wasting of your tax dollars. 

  • 01 Jul 2021 12:33 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Firearm News - June 16, 2021:

    To read more of this story click here: GUNBLOG

    Liberals Refuse Federal Court Order to
    Give Evidence for May 2020 Attacks

    16 June 2021

    We are updating as we get more info. — Canada’s Liberal Party-led government refused a Federal Court order to produce the evidence that led to its political attacks begun in May 2020 against gun owners.

    Hidden Under Section 39

    The Clerk of the Privy Council, the most-senior government employee and a top adviser to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, used Section 39 of the Canada Evidence Act to keep e-mails, memos and notes hidden from the court and the public.

    The Clerk, Janice Charette, signed the Section 39 certificate on June 14. A Federal Court judge on May 27 gave the government 30 days to produce all documents related to its crackdown.

    Disclosure ‘Shall Be Refused’

    “As a result of the certification by the Clerk, pursuant to s. 39, ‘disclosure of the information shall be refused without examination or hearing of the information by the court,’” government lawyers told the Federal Court yesterday.

    “The attached s. 39 certificate is an absolute bar to filing with the Court under seal the information encompassed by the Order.”

    Criminalize and Confiscate

    The refusal is the Liberals’ latest obstruction tactic as they push ahead with their May 2020 Order in Council (OIC) that criminalized honest citizens and ordered the confiscation of suddenly blacklisted rifles and shotguns.

      Story continues - see link above. 


      Firearm News - June 3 2021

      Federal Court Orders Liberals to Hand Over Evidence
      for May 2020 Attacks

      31 May 2021

      Link to story at TheGunBlog: READ FULL STORY HERE — Canada’s Federal Court ordered the government to hand over all documents leading to its May 2020 political attacks against licensed gun owners and businesses, in a major procedural win for the teams fighting the crackdown.

      30 Day Deadline

      Associate Chief Justice Jocelyne Gagné gave the Attorney General of Canada (AGC) 30 days to turn in the evidence, she said in a decision dated May 27 and received by lawyers today.

      The governing Liberal Party previously refused to share materials behind its 01 May 2020 Order in Council (OIC) criminalizing honest citizens and ordering them to surrender their suddenly blacklisted rifles and shotguns by April 2022.


    • 01 Jun 2021 12:28 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

      Firearm News - May 5 2021 (Revised June 3 - Petition Info added)

        The RCMP and Trudeau Lied! 

      Proof now exists that the RCMP kept a 
      secret copy of the Long Gun Registry and 
      has continued to use it! 

      Your non-restricted firearms are STILL registered to YOU (even if you sold them) 
      and this information is being distributed to the RCMP patrol officer. 

      Sign the Petition below to get the government to actually do what they were required to do! 

      Sign Petition E - 3388 here: SIGN PETITION

      Link to explosive video interview of Lawyer Ed Burlew:


    • 30 Jan 2021 6:37 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

      Firearm News - July 27, 2020

      Did you receive the RCMP’s
      “Not A-Registration-Certificate-Revocation” letter?

      This is the next "salvo" in the Liberal/RCMP bag of tricks for licensed responsible firearm owners
      (as of course no criminals would receive/obey these!) 
      If you received one - please read the info below! 
      (Even if you didn't receive one - please read also as they have executed this
      same trickery in years past and surely will again!) 

      Note: The OIC/RCMP list continues to grow (from 1500 to now over 9500 firearm types -
      without any oversight - and even including non-restricted 22 cal. rifles and shotguns)
      so yours might be on it now or very soon - even if it wasn't originally listed,
      thereby making YOU an instant criminal! 

      CSSA Update on RCMP Letter

      For more detailed info - listen to this video:
      Legal Opinion on RCMP Letter

      CCFR Position on filing a Sec. 74 Court Challenge: 

      CCFR Position on Sec. 74 Challenge 

      If you as a firearm owner are not yet supporting CSSA, CCFR or NFA (or all three) - then please - get your head out of the sand - and support/donate!  What are you waiting for? No one else is going to help us.  The more they take - the more they will want - and their goal is to take them all! 
      Aren't you tired of being demonized for enjoying the shooting sports? 


      And be sure to support and vote for the ONLY party that will support you as a firearms owner! 


      New!  Firearm News: June 22 2020

      CCFR Launches Largest National Education Campaign Ever
      on Behalf of Firearms Owners

      Read the story here: CCFR National Education Campaign


      Firearm News: Updated July 3 2020

      Laws Suits Filed To-Date Against the
      Federal Government  in Opposition to the OIC

      From the Gun Blog (consider subscribing to keep up to date! Click Here:

      ·        June 29: Adds court challenge filed by eight private individuals (Federal Court/Toronto).

      ·        May 29: Adds court challenge filed by John Hipwell of Wolverine Supplies.

      ·        May 27: Adds court challenge filed by J.R. Cox.

      ·        May 26: Adds court challenge filed Canadian Coalition for Firearm Rights.  (read more)
               (The LRGC Board voted to donation to this court challenge on behalf of the club)

      ·        May 25: Adds court challenge filed by K.K.S Tactical

    • 30 Jan 2021 6:26 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

      Firearm News: May 25 2020

      What can I do to fight the Liberal Firearm Bans and stop them from "scapegoating"all Licensed Firearm Owners
      for the actions of Criminals?

      1) Sign the available petitions in support these issues! 

      Why are you urging me, and everyone I know, to sign these petitions? 

      We have an opportunity to give our political allies the ability to keep the stupidity of the Liberal government’s latest round of gun bans in the public’s eye. Why is this important?

      Politicians need tools to do their jobs, and one of the tools at their disposal are petitions. I dislike petitions because, far too often, they give the person signing them the false impression they’ve actually accomplished something when they have not. Signing a petition is not an end. It’s not even a beginning. The value of a petition is to give our elected officials – in this case our Conservative MPs – the ability to keep raising the issue both inside and outside of Parliament. The flaws in the Liberal government’s latest Order in Council are many. As more and more of these flaws surface, a petition gives our MPs the ability to speak about those failings – which can only help our cause.

      So… here are the links. Please go to them all, sign your name and, MOST IMPORTANTLY, click the confirmation email you will receive for the first three very shortly afterward. If you do not, your name will NOT be added to the list.

      1. Petition e-2574 (Democratic process)
      2. Petition e-2576 (Democratic process)
      3. Petition e-2582 (Democratic process)
      4. Matt Larose’s petition on [h/t @AnnieOak5]
      5. UNIFOR Members Only on
      6. MP Cheryl Gallant’s Petition To Fire Bill Blair

      Sign them, click on the confirmation link in the three emails you will receive For petitions 1-3), then ask all your family and friends to do the same. Will these petitions in and of themselves stop the latest Liberal nonsense? No, of course not. They are simply one more tool in our arsenal to fight back against measures we know will not and cannot stop gang shootings or mass killers.

      2. Support our firearm rights groups that are leading the fight!  
      Many of these organizations are currently involved in bringing "human rights" court challenges against the government on your behalf to expose and fight the government's actions to blame and punish licensed firearm owners and businesses (through these and future firearm bans) for the actions of madmen. 

      The legal question regarding 12 and 10 gauge shotguns, and any other firearms they see fit to ban is NOT over - don't assume that it is!  The RCMP continue to add shotguns and other rifles to the growing list of prohibited firearms - without any oversight! 

      Support these groups through membership and donations!

      Now is the time for action - NOT excuses!  Please do it now!  Don't forget to donate - we will all lose much more if these challenges are NOT successful!

      a.  CCFR -

      b.  CSSA -

      c.  NFA -

      3. Write your MP, the Prime Minister and Bill Blair 

      Tell them you are against the bans and their continued "scapegoating" of legal firearm owners.  More letters are better than long letters - and keep sending!  Snail mail is best - No postage required.  

      4. Donate to the only political party interested in supporting you as a licensed firearms owner - the Conservative Party of Canada! Support and donate to them as they continue to fight for us in Ottawa.  Only they have stated publicly that repeal of this OIC and a revamping of the Firearm program in Canada is needed to stop the scapegoating of licensed firearm owners!  Don't forget about the generous tax credit for donations (about 75% up to about $450 which means it costs you only about $125 to make this donation!)
      Donate here:  CPC

      BTW - Don't expect others to protect YOUR rights as a firearms owner - if we don't ALL do something to help fight against this attack on us - then one day soon they will come for our firearms!  It will only work if we ALL respond as the Liberals have a divide and conquer plan of action as we have all seen in the past. 

      (FYI - My understanding is that notices from the RCMP are already in the mail addressed to all PAL holders! This is what it looks like:  RCMP Notice to PAL Holders

    • 30 Jan 2021 6:21 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)


      The RCMP have updated their policy page to outline measures
      to deal with delays in license renewals - 

       please read these measures at the following link:

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