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Please check the calendar and the notices below before you come
to be aware of recent schedule changes or closures.

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EMAIL OR CALL the office  at 604 534 3525


Attention Skeet Shooters:

The NSSA Valentine's Day Doubles on Feb 21
has been CANCELLED! 


due to BC Health COVID-19 Restrictions:

The LRGC Annual General Meeting scheduled for Wed., Feb 10 2021 was CANCELLED/POSTPONED to a future date yet to be determined. 

The LRGC Annual Awards Banquet scheduled for Feb 20 2021

Unfortunately the LRGC Indoor Trophy Matches are
CANCELLED for the 2020 year
 due to BC Health restrictions. 

Thanks to all that participated in the 
LRGC Trap and Skeet Club Shoots! 

The 2019-2020 LRGC Awards Registry is available here.
2019-2020 LRGC Awards Registry Aug 16 2020.pdf

Trophies will be engraved and on display at the club.
Club certificate award winners will be contacted to
pick up their certificates at the office when available. 

Congrats to all our award winners!


Notice of Cancellation / Postponement
of LRGC Events 

Attention all members:
Due to the current BC Health restrictions on gatherings to reduce COVID-19 transmission, all LRGC "Events" are being either cancelled or postponed until further notice (which will be after the current restrictions are lifted). 

This includes "group events" held both outdoor and indoor, namely: 

Outdoor: All PITA Multiplex (trap), NSSA (skeet) and club group events (e.g. Meat Shoots, etc.). 

Indoor: All Speed Plate, IDPA, WIPL, Fast Draw and club group events (e.g. Club Indoor Trophy Matches, etc.).
(Note: Members who have pre-paid to attend now cancelled events have been  contacted - check your email) 

This notice does not affect regular individual outdoor or indoor shooting sessions that remain on the LRGC calendar as these will continue. 

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation in this current situation!

Your LRGC Board


BC Health Rule for ALL Club Activities

Attention all members: 

To meet BC Health requirements:  

Masks are now mandatory, both indoors and outdoors,
for all club members and activities EXCEPT
when you are in the process of shooting (i.e. on the firing line).

Masks can be lowered or removed when you are on the
concrete pad (or at the firing line) and are in the process of shooting. Masks must
 be put back on after you are finished shooting, i.e. as soon as you walk off the pad
(or away from the firing line).  

Please provide your own mask.   

Working hard to keep everyone safe!

Your LRGC Board



The LRGC will continue to remain open for outdoor and indoor individual shooting activities that are still on the calendar. This includes outdoor trap and skeet, plus indoor rifle/handgun sessions (including individual New Shooter Orientation sessions). See calendar for these continuing activities.  

The club and outdoor ranges are open Winter hours through Mar 31 2021. 
See calendar or schedule at bottom of this home page. 
The outdoor ranges will be closing at 4:00 pm on all open days. 
(Last squad out 20 minutes prior to closing)

Please maintain COVID-19 rules currently in place to maintain safety - i.e. hand sanitizing and social distancing when attending the club. 

Note that many activity groups have cancelled their regularly scheduled sessions
due to Covid-19 restrictions as listed below: 

  • Fast Draw is now cancelled until further notice. 
  • Air Pistol activity is cancelled until further notice. 
  • Indoor Archery is cancelled until further notice.
  • All 2020 Indoor Club Trophy Matches are now hereby cancelled. 
    (We will look to hold matches in 2021 if the situation changes.)  
  • Meat shoots are cancelled until further notice. 
  • All PITA and NSSA shotgun shoots are cancelled/postponed until further notice.  
  • The International Trap & Skeet League will not be active this winter. 

 Please check the calendar and/or contact the organizer
for your event before attending.

Stay safe!

Your LRGC Board


LRGC New Rules for Indoor Range Effective Saturday Aug 22, 2020
(Rules Revised Monday, Aug 17, 2020

Dear LRGC Members:

The INDOOR range reopened to shooting on Saturday Aug 15 after a complete renovation / upgrade of our backstop. We now have AR500 armour plate behind the wood target wall. Thanks to all that contributed to this major project! 

BC Health requirements continue to restrict the numbers of shooters in the indoor range.
Social distancing and attention/compliance with COVID-19 infection risk precautions remain the major defense for our members - so please obey the rules (both BC Health and WorksafeBC are monitoring). We have also built and regularly employ a UV-C/Ozone disinfecting system to kill all DNA-based material (which includes the corona virus) after our shooting sessions to further reduce the risk of infection within the indoor range. 

The indoor range rules are continuously being reviewed and modified to try to accommodate our members as best as RCMP and BC Health requirements will allow.  The most recent changes are highlighted in the document provided below, with a summary of the major changes also provided here.  

Shooting will still be by online registration/reservation only and for eligible LRGC members only (no outside guests - except for special events).  You must also have previously signed a Shooter's Agreement and been "checked-out" by a Range Officer prior to reserving a spot. Otherwise you must attend a "New Shooter Orientation Session" prior to registering to shoot. 

Read the rules to find out if you are eligible to reserve a spot! Only the posted sessions at times shown on the club calendar will be held.  (Note: Go to the calendar tab above and then click on the event to register. You must sign-in as a club member to be able to register for a session)

Download LRGC New Rules for the Indoor Range here: 
LRGC New Indoor Range Rules - Revised Aug 23 2020 

The major changes to the Indoor Rules (effective Aug 22 - and highlighted in file) are summarized here:

1) Online registrations can now be paid either online (via PayPal) as previous, or you can select "invoice me" and pay by LRGC shoot card in the range.  You must bring your invoice with you showing paid or unpaid! No cash will be accepted inside the range. Targets and shoot cards are available for purchase from the LRGC office when open. 

2) Session duration has been changed from 1.5 hrs + 15 min. prep time to 1.0 hr + 15 min. prep time.  This is a result of nearly all shooters leaving prior to one hour after starting.  Please note that as a result the session's start and end times have changed! 

3) Junior shooters may attend a shooting session with an adult shooter that resides with them.  

4) You may now register for up to two sessions per week. This is up from the previous one session per week. 

5) "New Shooter Orientation Sessions" are now being scheduled to make our new  members eligible to reserve a spot for indoor shooting. 

If you have questions or concerns - email: 

Thank you for your continued patience and cooperation while we tune our system and continually try to enhance its features for the benefit of our members! 


Your LRGC Board


 LRGC REVISED New Rules for Outdoor Ranges 
Revised on Thursday, June 25 2020

Download LRGC REVISED New Outdoor Range Rules here:
LRGC New Outdoor Range Rules - Revised June 25 2020 

Dear club members, 

Well, the outdoor ranges continue to operate with good success.  As such, the Board reassessed the situation - and has implemented some modifications for the outdoor range operations as of -  Thursday, June 25 2020.  These modifications are highlighted in the downloadable file above - and include primarily the following:

1) Permitting LRGC Members and their guests, reciprocal club members and non-member drop-in shooters to attend as of June 25 2020.  A maximum of 50 persons on the property is still a requirement of BC Health.  

2) Increasing Skeet squads from 4 to 5 shooters to allow more shooters onto the range. Social distancing is still required.  

The club is on a Winter Schedule - see times below.  Summer schedule starts April 1. 

The Board will continue to reassess the situation as things change, we learn more and are allowed to loosen restrictions.  

Hope you will enjoy getting back to the outdoor ranges! 

Your LRGC Board


Firearm News - Updated Feb 5 2021

Have you been following the CCFR's efforts on your behalf to counter the Liberal and RCMP Initiatives to BAN your legally-acquired firearms? 

If not, you should be! It is your property - and if they have not gotten to your firearms specifically - it won't be long until they do! They are already banning shotguns, hunting rifles and even simple 22 cal sporting rifles - as the types on the prohibited list which were added after May 1 were numerous (updated continuously with last Update in Oct 2020!). This prohibited list is all but guaranteed to still grow without oversight of any kind.  There is still also the unresolved question if the government intends on ANY compensation for these firearms as the government is showing little interest in resolving this question before the two year period is up! 

Any of your firearms could be on the list (see list) - making you an immediate criminal (as the 2 year amnesty promised by the Liberals does not apply to owners of these added firearms) - and you would not necessarily know it as many were unrestricted previously! (A current CSSA legal opinion is that nearly all 12 gauge removable choked firearms are currently prohibited based on the current legal definition as stated in the OIC!)   

Information on the RCMP website and statements (mostly lies) by Minister Bill Blair change without notice - and without discussion or reason, usually to the deficit of the licensed firearm owner. It is difficult to trust that any statements made (written or verbal) will not change or disappear if the Liberals want them to - so confidence is low with respect to our expectation of government fairness wrt our property or person. The RCMP and Minister Blair have been provided with dictatorial powers by Trudeau's Liberals with the goal of removing all firearms from civilians in the long term. This is evidenced by the types of firearms being listed for prohibition - which has continued to increase after May 1st without legitimate criteria other than to virtue signal to obtain the votes of the uneducated public. 

Check out the excellent videos, podcasts and other educational materials created by the CCFR available at: CCFR YouTube Channel.  You can also obtain updates to the CCFR/Government legal fight on your behalf and other information at this link. 

Here are the YouTube links to the excellent series "Gun Ban Canada - Exposed" which highlight the details of these Liberal initiatives which were falsely promoted as to "enhance public safety", and expose the lies told by the Liberal government which are being used to justify their irresponsible action on May 1, 2020 and beyond to the uninformed Canadian.  It is OUR/YOUR JOB as a firearm owner to share these videos with these uninformed Canadians to educate them. These videos will reveal to them the fallacy being thrust upon all Canadians by this Liberal government. Please do your part!

Currently it is planned that the CCFR will create a 7 or 8-part series, of which 5 are currently available at the links below:  

1) Gun Ban Canada - Exposed; Episode 1 - Is It Really About Public Safety?

2) Gun Ban Canada - Exposed; Episode 2 - Where Do Crime Guns Come From?

3) Gun Ban Canada - Exposed; Episode 3 - Do More Guns Equal More Death?

4) Gun Ban Canada - Exposed; Episode 4 - Common Sense Gun Laws?

5) Gun Ban Canada - Exposed; Episode 5 - Why Would Anyone Need a Gun?

The CCFR is working hard to support you as a responsible firearm owner whom the Liberal government is demonizing. If you are not currently a member - please join, and also support the legal action by donating NOW!.  Go to the CCFR website to signup or donate: CCFR Website


  LRGC Range Notices!

Outdoor Range Schedule Changes:
We are now on Winter hours through Mar 31 2021. 
The outdoor ranges will be closing at 4:00 pm on all open days. 
(Last squad out 20 minutes prior to closing)

Outdoor Range Closures:  
1) Skeet Range #1 will be closed to skeet shooting on selected

Sundays whenever 5-Stand Sporting Clays is running. 
Skeet Range #2 will remain open.

     2) Skeet Range #1 will be closed to skeet shooting on
both ITSL Shoot days and on PITA Multiplex days
while Trap Doubles is running on Trap #4.  
This skeet range closure will typically 
start about 1 hour or so after the PITA Multiplex start time. 
Skeet Range #2 will remain open.
(Note: A practice trap range will be available for trap shooters
not participating in the ITSL shoot or PITA Multiplex). 

3) Both skeet ranges will be closed to non-registered member shooting for
all NSSA events. All trap ranges to remain open.

Indoor Range Closures:

Attention all indoor shooters:

The indoor range is open for member shooting - see calendar for times! 
New Indoor Range Rules posted at the top of this homepage. 

New members: You must have already attended a New Shooter's Session BEFORE you can reserve a spot on the indoor range. See calendar for available sessions.    

General notice: Due to kitchen and hall use -

the indoor range will be closed on the Saturday whenever:

1) The ITSL is shooting at the LRGC (not active in 2021)

2) For the 3-day PITA events in May and July. 
(Note: Indoor Archery will not be cancelled)

Indoor Range Schedule Changes:

       NEW!! All previous shooting session times have changed -
please see the LRGC calendar:

Download LRGC New Rules for Indoor Range Reopening from link
on this page above so you are aware of the procedures required.    

"Junior Sign-Up" Promotion!
Started March 1, 2017   
If you are under 18, the normal membership fee
of $62.50+GST
is now being waived! 
Pay only the required insurance fee and become a Junior LRGC Member!
(Note: This promotion does not apply to Family memberships as
juniors in bundles are already free!)
1) Keep your PAL up-to-date!
(renewals can take up to 6 months!)
2) Keep your LRGC membership current!
Membership Renewal

Please note that your membership renewal payment is due by your individual renewal date -
which is the anniversary date of your membership. 
This date can be found on the front of your membership card under the bar code
- or in your member file.


Note: The club has REOPENED for OUTDOOR
and INDOOR activities.
See information at top of this homepage. 


(Note: We will go back to Summer hours on April 1)
OFFICE HOURS: (Phone: 604 534 3525)
Closed:   Monday, Tuesday & Thursday
Open:               Wednesday:    11:00 am – 4:30 pm
                                 Friday:    11:00 am – 4:30 pm
Saturday & Sunday:    10:00 am – 4:30 pm

Trap & Skeet - Summer Hours  April 1 - Sept 30
   Monday, Tuesday & Thursday 
Wednesday:     11:00 am – 7:30 pm 
      11:00 am – 4:30 pm              
                    Saturday & Sunday:    10:00 am – 4:30 pm

Trap & Skeet - Winter Hours  Oct 1 - Mar 31
   Monday, Tuesday & Thursday 
  Wednesday & Friday:    11:00 am – 4:00 pm   
                  Saturday & Sunday:    10:00 am – 4:00 pm

Note: Last squad out 20 minutes prior to finish time.
Drop-in skeet Wed and Fri. 12:00 – 2:00 pm
5-Stand on selected Sundays - see calendar!
FEES (Starting May 1, 2019): (see also attached file: LRGC Range fees.pdf
Session fees (for Adult Members - for Juniors see attached file): 
Indoor (pistol/rifle) and Archery Ranges: $7.00 per session (tax incl.)
Outdoor Range shoot fee (skeet/trap/5-Stand):  $7.00 per round of 25 targets (tax incl.)
Fees for Non-Members: 
Drop-in charge of $15/day (insurance/day pass) + shoot fees as listed above  
(Note that the drop-in charge is waived for outdoor shotgun only and for members of clubs with a reciprocal agreement with the LRGC, which includes: Mission, Abbotsford, Ridgedale, and Pitt Meadows clubs only. Proof of current membership in the reciprocal club is required to waive this fee.)  

Typical Indoor Range Schedule (Pre-Covid-19)
Available Indoor session times are listed - Pre-regsitration Required!
Please see club calendar for available indoor range shooting sessions. 
See also posted LRGC New Indoor Range Rules listed above. 

Centre-fire Handgun

(see Calendar for new session times -
reservations required)

Monday:        9:00 am to 11:00 am 
Monday:        7:00 pm to 9:00 pm
Wednesday: 10:00 am to 12:00 pm
Saturday:      11:00 noon to 2:00 pm

(Note:  Maximum .45 cal ACP,  no magnum or high energy loads,  i.e. no .22 cal magnum, .17 HMR, Tokarov 7.62x25mm, or +P loads, etc). Also, all ammunition must be clearly documented  for range officer review  or will not be allowed.  
Prohibited Ammunition info:
Prohibited Ammo info.pdf

Adult .22 Rifle


.22 Handgun only

(shoot in Handgun sessions)

Adult .22 cal rifle (from the bench) and 22 cal pistol shooting is allowed at all above Centrefire Handgun sessions in addition to the following .22 cal rifle and .22 cal handgun only sessions listed below:  

(No .22 cal magnum loads allowed)

  Junior Air Rifle 
Junior 22 cal Rifle 
(sessions not open)

These sessions cancelled due to Covid-19

Thursday:     5:00 pm to 6:00 pm  (air)
Thursday:     6:00 pm to 7:00 pm   (22 cal)

Air Pistol

(sessions not open)

These sessions cancelled due to Covid-19

 Monday:      5:15 pm to 6:30 pm 
Thursday:     5:00 pm to 6:00 pm  

Fast Draw
(sessions open)

Friday:         7:00 pm to 10:00 pm

Indoor Archery

Outdoor Archery Range
(sessions open - need reservations)

Sunday:        5:00 pm to 8:00 pm 

Outdoor Range: 
New! Annual $25 Range pass allows members access 7 days/9 am- dusk to outdoor archery range.  Contact Ken Lewis regarding outdoor range pass at:

Special Notes

1)    Due to the limitation of our backstop only .22 cal non-magnum rifles are allowed.

2)    Centrefire handguns are allowed but magnum and other high energy loads are prohibited.

3)    The club reserves the right to change any of the above without notice.  If you have any questions please check with the office at 604-534-3525 or our website at

4)    The ranges can be closed periodically due to special events or maintenance.  Please check with the office or the website home page and/or calendar at for the latest information.

5)     All persons entering any active range must wear ear and eye protection. All shooters must complete a range orientation and sign the "Shooters Agreement" (Indoor and/or Outdoor) on their first visit.

General Meetings

 2nd  Wednesday of February - Annual General Meeting  
 2nd Wednesday of June & November
 1st  Wednesday of Dec (Boxing Day Planning Meeting)
(Start time of General meetings - 7:30 pm  
AGM start time - 7:00 pm)

Board Meetings

 4th Wednesday of each month excluding December
(Start time of Board meetings - 7:30 pm)

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