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Speed Plate Shooting Event

  • 13 Aug 2019
  • 6:30 PM - 10:00 PM
  • Indoor range
  • 5


  • Registration only - fees will be collected at the range. Open to all adult club members as per description.
    Non-members - please contact to inquire about attending. A day pass will be required of non-members - availability will depend on members registration numbers.

Registration is closed

Attention Handgun and 22 Rifle Shooters!

Activity: "Speed Plate Shooting" (i.e. shoot five polymer plates as fast a possible). Due to the time and facilities available - we are limited in the numbers we can have shoot per session and thus you must REGISTER on-line in advance and SHOW-UP if you do! 

Note that this is a speed/timed event where you will try to shoot five plates as fast as possible with time penalties for missed targets.

Requirements: (must be 18 years and have RPAL for pistol, PAL or POL for 22 rifle)

1) 22 cal or CF pistol,  or 22 semi-auto rifle 
(any type sights are ok - no holsters allowed)

2) Must have minimum of (3) magazines, (6) preferred to reduce time!

3) All personal safety gear (eye + ear protection - electronic HIGHLY recommended)

4) Sufficient ROUND NOSE ammo that WORKS in your gun!!

ROUND NOSE bullet profiles ONLY for CF shooting - (we will send you home if you come with HP or wad-cutters).  Preferably
only round nose also for 22 rim-fire ammo - no significant hollow-point rim-fire hunting loads please! 

Note: You will need a MINIMUM of 30 rounds per station x 4 stations = 120 rounds x a "miss/jam" factor of 1.33 = 160 rounds! (You can always take it home - but you can't get more - so I always bring extra!)  This type of shooting DOES eat up a lot of ammo so be aware!
Please come prepared!

5) Fees are typical LRGC range/shoot fees + an appropriate fee to cover polymer target damage.  Note that with our new polymer targets - target fees have been estimated using a target "damage factor" associated with bullet impact area to obtain the fees below. These fees will be collected such that sufficient funds will be available to purchase new sets of polymer targets when our initial donated targets are shot out! (Before you complain - please recognize that targets for two stations - i.e. 10 targets - cost approx. $500 Cdn and will not likely last more than 6-8 months or so based on best estimates - so we need to raise these funds to purchase more).

Caliber    Target Damage Fee   Member Cash Session Cost

22 cal -                 $2.00                      $9.00

9mm/38sp            $4.00                    $11.00

40 cal                   $5.00                    $12.00

45 cal                   $6.00                    $13.00

Registration is limited: You MUST register for this event! 

Important!  If you cannot attend - after you have registered - you must contact at least two days prior to the event to allow time to contact any wait-listed shooters, or your name will be recorded and may reduce your ability to register for future dates.  We want to be sure to accommodate as many shooters as possible, and that wait-listed shooter might be you next time!

(Note: If you are interested but do not have a suitable pistol to use - please register and then email me ASAP at and we might (no guarantees at this point) be able to provide you with a 22 cal pistol for an introductory session - at some added cost to cover use and ammo.)

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