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Club Trophy Skeet Shoot

  • 02 Aug 2020
  • 10:00 AM - 4:30 PM
  • Skeet Fields #1 & 2


  • Juniors must register for this event so we can have sufficient ammo available. - adults do not.

Skeet Trophy Skeet Poster 2020 - click for download

The Club Trophy Skeet Shoot has a range of trophies to be won in a variety events - most "closed" (i.e. awards only available to the only paid-up LRGC members as this is a "club" shoot) and others "open" (non-members may win).

These trophies will be awarded as per scores.

1) Non-member shooters may enter any/all events - but will only be eligible for purely "open" event awards, ( Doubles and 12 gauge open Hettle Memorial trophy)

2) Note that all Langley Rod and Gun Club member participation in "open" events is required for some "closed" trophies, to be eligible. Club members must enter those "open" events as well as the required closed events to be eligible; please see Trophies (and type) list and how they will awarded.

The shooting events available will be:($16 per event)  

Pre-registration is recommended and appreciated.
Shooting starts at 10 am, so come at 9:30 am to register.

Events may be shot with a smaller gauge, any gauge up to 12 gauge for doubles.

Members at all skill levels who have shot skeet are encouraged to enter! As per Club policy, the shoot fees for Junior shooters (17 and under) will be waived and ammo will be supplied by the club.  However, Juniors - you must register in advance, so we know you are coming and can have ammo ready!


1) If you have never shot or won a Club Trophy in Skeet you may shoot each event using its respective gauge.

2) If you have won a Club Trophy in Skeet up to max 3 in one year we request that you shoot the single events in 28 Gauge and doubles event in 20 Gauge.

3) If you have won more than 3 Club Trophy’s in Skeet in one year we request that you shoot the single events in 410 caliber and the doubles event in 28 Gauge.

4) If you’re a junior shooter under the age of 18, you may shoot all events in it’s respective gauge with no limit on trophies. Shooters 18 or over, you will be requested to follow the same request as per item 1, 2 and 3.

*All ties for Club Trophies will be decided by a miss-and-out shoot-off using the gun gauge of which the Shooter used in the event.

- shoot-offs shall be doubles at stations 3-4-5, miss-and-out by station. This means that a shooter must break both targets on a station in order to beat a shooter who only broke one target.

Trophies Awarded to the top shooter as per below whether closed or open event 

High All Around ------------- All 12, 20 Ga.+Doubles ----------------- Closed 

High Overall ----------------- All 12, 20 Ga combined ----------------- Closed 

High Overall 12 Gauge --- All 12 Ga Scores -------------------------- Closed 

Hettle Memorial ------------ Top 12 Gauge open event --------------- Open 

Squirchuk Memorial ------ Top 12 Gauge closed event -------------- Closed 

20 Gauge ------------------- Top 20 Gauge closed event -------------- Closed 

Doubles --------------------- Top Doubles open event ------------------ Open 

Sr. HAA ---------------------- 12+20 Ga. closed+Doubles Age 65+ -- Closed 

Ladies High Gun ---------- 12 Ga. closed, Female only -------------- Closed 

Junior High Gun ----------- 12 Ga. closed, Age under 18 ------------ Closed 


(how did you shoot for the club shoot event ONLY) 

CH Champion of the event                   (top score)

A class winner                                     100% to 87.5

B class winner                                     87.49% to 75%

C class winner                                     74.99% to 62%

D class Winner                                    61.99% and under

Option: 2-person team will be $5. All proceeds will go towards the club trophies and certificates.

Shooters will be teamed up with a different partner per event, the combined scores will determine the winner. The team will receive a certificate as a top 2-person team winner of that event.

Breaking Ties for the certificates:

Long runs in an event shall be determined by using the shooter’s FRONT or BACK Long Run (WHICHEVER IS LONGEST). If longest runs are tied, the Long Run from the opposite end shall be used to break the tie. If Long Runs are still tied, miss-and-out shoot-offs must decide.

1) A shooters FRONT LONG RUN is figured by counting all targets shot in the event before the first miss.

2) To determine the BACK-LONG RUN, count all targets broken after the shooter’s last miss in the event. The optional shot must be counted in the proper sequence where it was fired.


All trophies and certificates are presented at the LRGC Annual Banquet in February,
but all trophies are to remain on display at the LRGC.

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