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Firearm News - June to July 2020

30 Jan 2021 6:37 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

Firearm News - July 27, 2020

Did you receive the RCMP’s
“Not A-Registration-Certificate-Revocation” letter?

This is the next "salvo" in the Liberal/RCMP bag of tricks for licensed responsible firearm owners
(as of course no criminals would receive/obey these!) 
If you received one - please read the info below! 
(Even if you didn't receive one - please read also as they have executed this
same trickery in years past and surely will again!) 

Note: The OIC/RCMP list continues to grow (from 1500 to now over 9500 firearm types -
without any oversight - and even including non-restricted 22 cal. rifles and shotguns)
so yours might be on it now or very soon - even if it wasn't originally listed,
thereby making YOU an instant criminal! 

CSSA Update on RCMP Letter

For more detailed info - listen to this video:
Legal Opinion on RCMP Letter

CCFR Position on filing a Sec. 74 Court Challenge: 

CCFR Position on Sec. 74 Challenge 

If you as a firearm owner are not yet supporting CSSA, CCFR or NFA (or all three) - then please - get your head out of the sand - and support/donate!  What are you waiting for? No one else is going to help us.  The more they take - the more they will want - and their goal is to take them all! 
Aren't you tired of being demonized for enjoying the shooting sports? 


And be sure to support and vote for the ONLY party that will support you as a firearms owner! 


New!  Firearm News: June 22 2020

CCFR Launches Largest National Education Campaign Ever
on Behalf of Firearms Owners

Read the story here: CCFR National Education Campaign


Firearm News: Updated July 3 2020

Laws Suits Filed To-Date Against the
Federal Government  in Opposition to the OIC

From the Gun Blog (consider subscribing to keep up to date! Click Here:

·        June 29: Adds court challenge filed by eight private individuals (Federal Court/Toronto).

·        May 29: Adds court challenge filed by John Hipwell of Wolverine Supplies.

·        May 27: Adds court challenge filed by J.R. Cox.

·        May 26: Adds court challenge filed Canadian Coalition for Firearm Rights.  (read more)
         (The LRGC Board voted to donation to this court challenge on behalf of the club)

·        May 25: Adds court challenge filed by K.K.S Tactical

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