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CALL TO ACTION: The antis are winning over on Twitter

05 Oct 2012 9:47 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)
Guys, Wendy may not be able to stand her ground on an open forum on the internet, but she and her supporters have found a niche over on Twitter, which, in case you have been hiding under a rock, is a "microblogging" service where you can post "Tweets" with a maximum length of 140 characters, and "ReTweet" Tweets that you like. You can do searches for "hashtags", i.e. words that are preceded by a #. The one everybody is using for the C-19 debate is #gunregistry.

Wendy's on there as @CGCguncontrol. Right now she and her followers are spreading this morning's TorStar scare piece far and wide.

Setting up an account is dirt easy and takes a couple of minutes, and composing Tweets is even easier.

You can also "follow" people, which, if you follow a bunch of pro-gun Twitterers, gives you plenty of Tweets to reTweet, upping the volume on our signal.

CGNers out there to follow and ReTweet include


People, please take a few minutes of time, get a Twitter account, and check it occasionally during the run-up to the registry's demise. Fire off a few pro-gun, pro-C-19, anti-anti-BS Tweets, and ReTweet the good ones to pump up the volume. It's easy, and will help us counter Wendy's lies in a popular part of the internet.

C/O Canadiangunnutz
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