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MP Cheryl Gallant's Email for Shooters & Hunters C/O Gunnutz

07 Oct 2012 9:37 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)
Fall Hunters' Special
Oct. 3rd, 2012

Anyone who thinks the gun control debate in Canada is over is wrong by a long shot!
With the ink barely dry on our Conservative government’s legislation to scrap the long-gun registry, our opponents in Parliament and their friends have been clogging the courts with nuisance legal action. I am pleased to provide this update about where things stand on a number of issues you told me were of concern.

First, the Good News
The nuisance law suit by the Barbra Schlifer Commemorative Clinic in Toronto for an emergency injunction to prevent the destruction of data from the federal long-gun registry in Ontario failed. The Ontario Superior Court called the appeal by the Toronto women's shelter "weak" and dismissed it.

Justice D.M. Brown refused to place an injunction on the Federal Government's decision to destroy the information still being held in a computer database in Ottawa. The files include the names, addresses, phone numbers and registry numbers of all long-gun owners in Canada, dating back almost 20 years.

More Good News for Hunters
Unlike the Chretien government, which used the United Nations (UN) as an excuse to legislate more and more restrictions on Canadians, particularly when it came to property rights, and your right to enjoy your own personal, private property, our Government has worked hard to protect the rights of all Canadians. Based on your past experience, many worried firearms owners expressed concern about the most recent Arms Trade Treaty Negotiations at the UN, and whether the negotiations could be another back-door attempt to bring back the liberal long-gun registry. I am pleased to share Canada’s position and what it means to you.

1) The Review Conference on the UN's Programme of Action (PoA) on illicit trafficking in small arms and light weapons was adopted by consensus. This is what it means to lawful firearms owners/vendors in Canada:

  • The Programme of Action (PoA) on Small Arms and Light Weapons (SALWs) is a UN-led set of voluntary measures to promote international cooperation to curtail the illicit global trafficking in SALWs.
  • Canada and its law enforcement agencies, including the RCMP, cooperate fully with international partners, including Interpol, in global efforts to curtail the illicit trafficking in SALWs that fuel international crime and terrorism.
  • Canada's involvement with the PoA is carried out in a manner consistent with all of its domestic laws, policies and regulations.
  • The PoA does not affect in any way the ability of Canadian firearms owners to possess firearms legally in a manner consistent with Canadian laws.

2) The outcome of the ATT conference that was held earlier in the summer & what that means for lawful firearms owners/vendors in Canada:

  • The ATT is not intended to deal with arms transfers within national borders, nor would it regulate domestic gun ownership.
  • Canada believes that the goal of creating an instrument to impede the illicit flow of arms to criminals, terrorists and human rights abusers is an important one.
  • Canada stresses the importance of the principle of national discretion and that the ATT should recognize the legitimacy of lawful ownership of firearms by responsible citizens for their personal and recreational use, including sport shooting, hunting and collecting.
  • We stress that this should in no way result in any new burdens being placed on lawful firearms owners in Canada.

There you have it!

Now, other News
The Quebec Superior Court recently upheld that province's injunction, saying the destruction of the data violated the Constitution and the spirit of federalism. The federal government will appeal the Quebec Superior Court decision.
While the Quebec legal case only applies to Quebec residents, the NDP leader of the official opposition in Ottawa, pandering to his Quebec base, has publically vowed "I will work to register firearms.” With the majority of the MPs of his party from Quebec, expect him to kowtow to their every demand. Quebec has elected a very hostile separatist provincial government. Its first antagonistic act was to remove the Flag of Canada from its legislative chamber when its members were sworn in. This fight is not over!
Now it is your turn. Let me know if we are on the right track by taking a quick poll at

Please be assured that as your representative in Ottawa, I will oppose any attempt to bring back the long-gun registry.

Cheryl Gallant, M.P.

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