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A Federal Election has now been called! Do you value your firearms?

01 Sep 2021 12:23 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

A Federal Election has now been called! 

Do you value your firearms? If so, then:
1) Polls open NOW! Get out and vote for the only political party that has - both in the past and has now committed in the future in writing - to support firearm owners and repeal the idiocy of recent ineffective government bills (C71, the OIC, etc.) - or they (i.e. every other party) will come for our firearms even more than they are doing now!

This is also the ONLY political party that has committed to actually DOING
anything significant to curb gang and criminal violence in Canada, rather than wasting taxpayer money on increased government paperwork and bureaucracy,
the confiscation of your legal property, and the continuous harassment of sport shooters through government legislation in Canada! 
(BTW - this clearly fits within the definition of "systemic discrimination/i.e. bigotry" by the Government of Canada towards all sports enthusiasts which utilize a firearm in the course of their legitimate sporting activity!) 

See attached: Letter to Firearms Community

See attached: Recovery Plan (See page 44/slide 86 for firearm related info)

2) Support that political party through monetary donations and
volunteering of your time to spread the word!
Do your part - as no one else will!

3) Speak with your family, friends and neighbours about the clear lack of common sense in the current government bills which only harass firearm owners and do nothing to enhance public safety. 

4) Support the CCFR, NFA, CSSA and other groups which highlight the government's lack of common-sense and provide logical solutions and arguments to the government about dealing with public safety issues. 
Remember: Gangs and criminals don't obey laws or rules/paperwork
related to firearm ownership or proper use - so more of the same bureacratic nonsense WILL NOT enhance public safety. The firearms criminals have are ALREADY ILLEGAL so these new laws are redundant and only affect legal/responsible firearm owners - who are NOT the problem.

Clearly the Liberal government recognizes these facts but still proceeds
with these ineffective bills (C71, C21, OIC, etc.) only to virtue-signal to gain votes from uninformed voters and to steal our legal property. This results in the destruction of of our Canadian shootings sports (enjoyed by over 2 million + Canadians) only harasses these legal firearm owners rather than addressing
the real problem of gangs, criminals and gun smuggling. 

See below: "Firearm News" especially the one dated "June 21 2021" for important information and videos showing how ridiculous the government has been with respect to firearms in Canada and the wasting of your tax dollars. 

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