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Firearm News - Updated May 4 2022:Portions of Bill C-71 are now in force What you need to know | Royal Canadian Mounted Police

22 Nov 2022 9:34 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

Firearm News - New Information - Updated May 4 2022:

Portions of Bill C-71 are now in force
What you need to know | Royal Canadian Mounted Police

Bill C-71 Restrictions Start This Month on Buying/Selling ‘Non-Restricted’ Guns

SourceCanada Gun News: Week of 2022 May 02

05 May 2022 — The Canadian government will start enforcing new restrictions on government-licensed gun owners this month, as the governing Liberal Party continues its political and regulatory attacks against hunters, sport shooters and firearm collectors. 


  • The regulations stem from Bill C-71, a law the Liberals passed in 2019.
  • The measures take effect on May 18, according to an Orders in Council dated 29 April and published online today.
  • They apply only to government-licensed firearm users and businesses.
  • The restrictions include:
    1. “Non-Restricted” Firearm Transfers: It will be a crime for any licensed gun owner to buy, sell or give away any “Non-Restricted” rifle or shotgun without explicit permission for the transfer from the Registrar of Firearms in the Royal Canadian Mounted Police - Canadian Firearms Program.
      • It will require contacting the RCMP to request a reference number for the transaction.
      • It applies even to all license holders, include a spouse who wants to give a rifle or shotgun to their spouse, or a parent who wants to give a rifle or shotgun to their child.
    2. Gun Store Registry: Gun stores will be required to store the personal details of licensed buyers of “Non-Restricted” rifles and shotguns for 20 years, in a violation of personal privacy.
  • Other restrictions also kick in, but those are the biggies for most PAL holders and businesses (in my opinion).

FYI - To owners of Restricted and Prohibited Firearms

ATTs are now required for virtually all firearm transport except for:

to and from range and home after purchase.

See link:  RCMP - What you need to know about Bill C71

See Link: New Information regarding Bill C71

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