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Previous News - Liberals introduce Bill C71

08 Oct 2018 4:41 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

Liberals Introduce Bill C71 
This bill is will not result in crime reduction or gang violence, or help solve any such issues we would all like to see fixed, but instead it will ONLY waste more taxpayer money that could have been used in this fight (just like the long-gun registry which wasted over $2 Billion!). The Liberals are not logical or responsible, as once again they are merely imposing more rediculous beauracracy on law-abiding firearm owners.
Ask yourself - do they actually think the criminals are going to pay any attention whatsoever to more administrative rules and paperwork? Such foolishness! This is just more "legal firearm owner harrassment" - nothing else!
For a brief informative video - click here: THE REAL STORY

But - you can do more!  
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More Info from NFA Updates: 

‘Huge Rush’ on Bill C-71 Could Make It Law by Fall, MP Motz Says

(Update Monday 09 April, 16:15 Toronto time.) — The Canadian government has put a “huge rush” on Bill C-71 to ban more guns and further restrict hunters and sport shooters, said Glen Motz, an opposition MP and Deputy Shadow Minister for Public Safety. He said the proposed law could be adopted as early as the fall. See full story and what to do at link below - a related CBC article is also available: 

NFA Update Article - April 10
CBC Article - April 9
Keep yourself informed on Bill C-71 as the news is always changing! 
CCFR: CCFR News and Videos

Andrew Scheer answers questions:

New!  CSSA News July 6: C71

 CSSA News June 29: Read this!
Why Fear an Early Election Call! Lots of good articles in this CSSA News report!

Liberals still lying!
The Trudeau Liberals face criticism about consultation on Bill C71 - says the CSSA.   Bill C-71 Liberal supplied consultations table lists people who weren’t consulted!

Read about it here:  CSSA News

A NEW resource from CSSA - a free eBook on how Bill C71 will harass firearm owners (it's true purpose!)

The Bill C-71 Book: What It Means, How It Hurts You, and 3 Easy Steps You Can Take Right Now to Block It
Download and read it now at:
The Bill C71 Book.pdf

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