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Trudeau Pushes for Handgun and Semi-auto Rifle Ban !

29 Oct 2018 3:19 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

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Wake up folks! 

Trudeau and others are "pushing" for this Handgun and Semi-auto Long-gun ban! Now people are "pushing polls" that are providing biased and uninformed "data" to support this!? 
Check out this interview: Jim Shockey Video

Liberals are pushing for Public Consultation wrt the Handgun Ban - to see how many votes they can get before pushing the Handgun Ban (don't think long guns won't be next)  - read article here: Globe and Mail Article 

The C71 Petition gave the Conservatives the justification to call out the Liberals: 
See CBC article and video in link below: 
CBC Article - Conservatives to Repeal C71 if Elected

Recent "Scary" News:
Trudeau looking to give more power to municipalities to restrict gun/ammo sales and shooting clubs! Maybe they should restrict hockey first - as more people are injured in that sport than at shooting clubs! 
Read this: More Scary News 

Guess - what - they said it wasn't going to ever happen -
but never say never! 
Read this: Scary News! 

The idioacy continues as more municipalities jump on the ignorant bandwagon to take away the rights of licensed citizens/PAL holders!  
Read today's GunBlog article on Montreal's vote:
Read CTV News article on Surrey Mayoral Candidate Tom Gill who is supporting a ban (so be careful who you vote for)!  
Surrey - CTV News Article

NEW! Toronto Votes to BAN the sale of handguns and ammo in city! 

Links to story: Video link  News story link

Some support on recent shootings - stuff we all know but its nice to the see the press finally "getting it"!! 
See link:  
Ottawa Sun Article

Where-oh-where are the guns coming from!? The RCMP and Liberals say "domestic-sources"!  But as the CBC says they are wrong and can't back up their statements! (yes the CBC - hell has apparently frozen over and pigs are flying).  
And be sure to read to the bottom so you can absorb what is considered a "crime gun" - you will be surprised and amazed!  Talk about screwing with the stats - what a farce! 

See link: CBC Article on Crime Guns


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