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A brief discussion of current Firearms related issues!
  • 31 Mar 2019 1:09 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    RRGC Air Pistol Hibernation Match -
    LRGC Junior Shooters Win Awards!

    Brian Ng - Won Match High Overall + Junior class!
    Michelle Moxley - Won 2nd: Sub Jr Girls + 3rd: Overall Juniors!
    Daniel Fung - Won 2nd: Sub Jr Boys + 5th: Overall Juniors!

    That's some awesome shooting by our Juniors!!

  • 29 Jan 2019 3:28 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Olympic News! 

    Brian Ng has returned from the Jr. Olympics in Buenos Aires, Argentina where he was representing Canada in 10m Air Pistol!  He was the only Canadian who scored high enough to qualify to attend! 
    Link to article in Langley Advance: Brian Ng Article
    Link to site: Jr Olympics
     Brian achieved a score of 548/600 in the qualifying round - a very respectable score indeed! However it was not high enough to qualify for the finals where top scores reached 580/600.  Brian - you made us proud!  Keep up the good shooting! 

    Canada's Junior Olympic Team

  • 11 Nov 2018 12:29 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    LRGC Bulletin - URGENT!

    Urgent Request to ALL Members!

    Handgun and Rifle Ban - they want to confiscate our legal property!

    You thought it would never happen - now they are moving to do it!

    In late August, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau issued a mandate letter for Bill Blair.

    For those of you not familiar with Blair, he’s the ex-Toronto cop turned Member of Parliament who was recently appointed to a brand new Ministry and given the title “Minister of Border Security and Organized Crime Prevention”.

    His job, primarily, is to assist in ensuring Bill C-71 gets passed AND to “lead an examination of a national ban on handguns and assault weapons, while not impeding their lawful use by Canadians” – there’s an oxy-moron if there ever was one!
    (BTW - their definition of an "assault weapon" is any semi-auto!)

    What does this examination look like? Well, shortly after his orders came down from on high, Blair stood in committee and promised to conduct a full and balanced “public consultation” before the end of the calendar year.

    Here is your "public consultation"!

    Please MAKE time to fill out this online survey right away and forward it to your friends and family to do the same. Please do it NOW - before you forget - survey closes Nov 10!

    Info and survey link:

    Direct Survey link:


    You know that the "gun-control" advocates will be hard at work getting the common uninformed person to complete this survey based on fear and ignorance - so we need to counter that effort!


    Please do this NOW!

    Your LRGC Board!


  • 29 Oct 2018 3:19 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Transferred from home page Oct 29 2018. 

    Wake up folks! 

    Trudeau and others are "pushing" for this Handgun and Semi-auto Long-gun ban! Now people are "pushing polls" that are providing biased and uninformed "data" to support this!? 
    Check out this interview: Jim Shockey Video

    Liberals are pushing for Public Consultation wrt the Handgun Ban - to see how many votes they can get before pushing the Handgun Ban (don't think long guns won't be next)  - read article here: Globe and Mail Article 

    The C71 Petition gave the Conservatives the justification to call out the Liberals: 
    See CBC article and video in link below: 
    CBC Article - Conservatives to Repeal C71 if Elected

    Recent "Scary" News:
    Trudeau looking to give more power to municipalities to restrict gun/ammo sales and shooting clubs! Maybe they should restrict hockey first - as more people are injured in that sport than at shooting clubs! 
    Read this: More Scary News 

    Guess - what - they said it wasn't going to ever happen -
    but never say never! 
    Read this: Scary News! 

    The idioacy continues as more municipalities jump on the ignorant bandwagon to take away the rights of licensed citizens/PAL holders!  
    Read today's GunBlog article on Montreal's vote:
    Read CTV News article on Surrey Mayoral Candidate Tom Gill who is supporting a ban (so be careful who you vote for)!  
    Surrey - CTV News Article

    NEW! Toronto Votes to BAN the sale of handguns and ammo in city! 

    Links to story: Video link  News story link

    Some support on recent shootings - stuff we all know but its nice to the see the press finally "getting it"!! 
    See link:  
    Ottawa Sun Article

    Where-oh-where are the guns coming from!? The RCMP and Liberals say "domestic-sources"!  But as the CBC says they are wrong and can't back up their statements! (yes the CBC - hell has apparently frozen over and pigs are flying).  
    And be sure to read to the bottom so you can absorb what is considered a "crime gun" - you will be surprised and amazed!  Talk about screwing with the stats - what a farce! 

    See link: CBC Article on Crime Guns


  • 08 Oct 2018 4:41 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Liberals Introduce Bill C71 
    This bill is will not result in crime reduction or gang violence, or help solve any such issues we would all like to see fixed, but instead it will ONLY waste more taxpayer money that could have been used in this fight (just like the long-gun registry which wasted over $2 Billion!). The Liberals are not logical or responsible, as once again they are merely imposing more rediculous beauracracy on law-abiding firearm owners.
    Ask yourself - do they actually think the criminals are going to pay any attention whatsoever to more administrative rules and paperwork? Such foolishness! This is just more "legal firearm owner harrassment" - nothing else!
    For a brief informative video - click here: THE REAL STORY

    But - you can do more!  
    Do your part: Go to

    More Info from NFA Updates: 

    ‘Huge Rush’ on Bill C-71 Could Make It Law by Fall, MP Motz Says

    (Update Monday 09 April, 16:15 Toronto time.) — The Canadian government has put a “huge rush” on Bill C-71 to ban more guns and further restrict hunters and sport shooters, said Glen Motz, an opposition MP and Deputy Shadow Minister for Public Safety. He said the proposed law could be adopted as early as the fall. See full story and what to do at link below - a related CBC article is also available: 

    NFA Update Article - April 10
    CBC Article - April 9
    Keep yourself informed on Bill C-71 as the news is always changing! 
    NFA: NFA News
    CSSA: CSSA News
    CCFR: CCFR News and Videos

    Andrew Scheer answers questions:

    New!  CSSA News July 6: C71

     CSSA News June 29: Read this!
    Why Fear an Early Election Call! Lots of good articles in this CSSA News report!

    Liberals still lying!
    The Trudeau Liberals face criticism about consultation on Bill C71 - says the CSSA.   Bill C-71 Liberal supplied consultations table lists people who weren’t consulted!

    Read about it here:  CSSA News

    A NEW resource from CSSA - a free eBook on how Bill C71 will harass firearm owners (it's true purpose!)

    The Bill C-71 Book: What It Means, How It Hurts You, and 3 Easy Steps You Can Take Right Now to Block It
    Download and read it now at:
    The Bill C71 Book.pdf

  • 08 Oct 2018 4:30 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    New Firearm Reg. Information:

    NFA concerned about Gov. of Canada’s plan to align Canadian firearms legislation with United Nations Arms Trade Treaty
    - this will significantly change our domestic firearm laws in Canada - Read More: NFA News Alert

    Read this! RCMP Ban on Ruger 10+ magazines

    BE AWARE! RCMP Declares Ruger 10+ magazines prohibited

    More info on Ruger 10+ magazine ban and associated
    class-action suit being filed - see CSSA website news stories:

  • 24 Jul 2017 8:36 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)
    UN Marking Issue - Deadline coming June 1, 2017
    It may happen, but the "way" it is implemented is the key to the added cost! 
    Please read BCWF letter to Minister Goodale to understand more: BCWF Letter to Minister Goodale
    Now we need your help!  Send a letter to Minister Goodale /Warawa and/or even PM Trudeau
    Here is a template to help you in doc /pdf format:
    Make your voice count - it will soon be too late! 

    ***NEW / UNOFFICIAL - Correspondence received yesterday to Regina Gun Club Inquiry from RCMP -
    says marking deadline deferred
    to Dec 1 2018! See links:

    CSSA News verifies unofficial reports of UN Marking deadline deferral:

    A special thanks to all those who sent letters to make this deferral happen (still not official).  
    We need to keep up the pressure on our leaders
    to modify/eliminate this UN initiative -
    not just postpone it! 

  • 24 Jul 2017 8:30 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)
    In the News - Info for Firearm Owners: 
    News Update: Andrew Scheer has been selected as the new Conservative Party leader - see his ideas on gun legislation at the links below:

    NFA releases: 


    CSSA Information on the
    CPC Leadership Candidates
    Check it out at:

  • 24 Jun 2016 10:39 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    This is info removed from LRGC home page on June 23 and placed here for reference.

    Gun Owner News! Read!
    The Liberals have been busy and are at it again.
    Yes - Bill S-223 has now been submitted - again!

    See CSSA posts in "What's in the News" section
    at bottom of page to read more on this - as the new Bill is even MORE restrictive to "sportsman" than the old one - and will do nothing to solve crime - sound familiar (C-68)!

    Read!  This is a Trojan Horse Bill!

    New update: The bill S-223 went to second reading on April 19 2016 - see link: 
     but appears to have
    not received a second to move the motion/bill ahead to third reading at this time
    (see second reading link near bottom on this parlimentary status page). Debate was closed - no further action defined - we will have to wait to see what the Liberals do with it next!?

  • 30 May 2016 10:37 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Past General Meeting Info: Thanks to all that attended!

    We learned a lot about what to do about illegal dumping and reporting at the: 

    LRGC General Meeting April 13 +
    Fraser Valley Illegal Dumping Alliance  Special Presentation
    A special thanks to Joe Daniels for his presentation - pdf download below!
    FVIDA Presentation.pdf
    Also visit the website:

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