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IDPA Pistol Training Session

  • 25 Nov 2021
  • 6:30 PM - 9:30 PM
  • Indoor range
  • 2


  • Registration only - fees to be paid online at time of registration. Space is limited. Eligible members only. No guests.

Registration is closed

Activity: "Competition Defensive Pistol Shooting" (rules by the International Defensive Pistol Association - IDPA, which can be found at this link: IDPA Rulebook).  

In this competitive shooting sport, we shoot targets in priority order and from cover (when available) and possibly even while moving. Ammo available to hit the required targets will be limited (this isn't Hollywood) and you will have to carry and reload as you go.  Note that this is a speed/timed event where you will try to shoot all the targets as fast as possible with time penalties for lack of shooting accuracy and/or missed targets. Training will involve shooting stages. 

This session will provide practise, and extend training and skills improvement based on instruction gained in previous IDPA training sessions.  Only shooters who have attended an IDPA Intro session + one additional training session are eligible to attend. 

Please REGISTER on-line in advance and SHOW-UP if you do!  (Log-in, then go to date on website calendar and click on event to register. You must have the invitation code sent to eligible IDPA shooters!).  

Requirements: (must be 18 years and have RPAL for pistol.) 

1) A centre-fire (CF) pistol is typically required for IDPA events, however we will allow 22 cal rimfire pistols for our sessions if you do not have a CF pistol.   
(Note: Any type of sights are ok - bring a holster if you have one as we will allow for administrative carry - however we will not be drawing from a holster. Note - a holster is not required but will be more convenient.)

2) You must have a minimum of (3) magazines with preferably at least a double magazine holder on a belt (or bring clothing with big pockets!) 

3) All personal safety gear (eye + ear protection - note that electronic ones are HIGHLY recommended)

4) Sufficient ammo that WORKS in your gun!! Bring a minimum of 150 rounds for this session - don't forget your mag loader! Note: You will need a MINIMUM of 31 rounds per setup x 4 stations (expected) = 124 rounds x a "miss/jam" factor of 1.2 = about 150 rounds. (You can always take it home - but you can't get more - so I always bring extra.)  This type of shooting DOES eat up a lot of ammo so be aware! Please come prepared.

5) Fees are $10 for the training session. You must pay online at the time of registration. If you cannot attend after registering - please cancel ASAP so others can attend as space is limited.    

We want to be sure to accommodate as many shooters as possible, and that wait-listed shooter might be you next time! If you register and do not attend - your ability to attend another time may be restricted. 

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